Why I Suck at Blogging and How That Can Help You.

by Jesse Giglio in

The more I understand "How To Blog Better", the greater understanding I gain of how I suck at it.  And though it maybe too late for me I hope I can in some small way help you.

1.  It's universally agreed to maintain a narrow content stream.  Whether that's cupcakes, design, gadgets or God it's best if I know what I'm going to get when I visit your space.  My posts are about as narrow as my boundless thoughts. 

2.  Post final cuts.  Read, reread, repeat.  If you expect someone to take the time to read your posts, take the time to read them yourself.  Spelling and grammar still count in the blogosphere.  I'm constantly finding corrections post posting.

3.  Maintenance.  Check your site frequently for functionality.  Broken links and buggy coding show a lack of concern for your writing environment.  If you don't care, why should I.  I once found after installing a tweet feed that it was impossible to leave a comment on my posts but not until months later.

4.  Stay put.  Think long and hard about how the interwebs will find you and stick with it.  Changing descriptions and tags is like moving and not telling anyone.  The internet's really big and it's easy to get lost.  I've changed my description many times and invariably find a lack of visitors to follow. 

5.  Participate.  Spend time getting to know your fellow blogging community and engaging in discussions on their sites not just stealing content with hopes of luring readers to yours.  When I see my unread subscriptions skyrocketing I know I'm not participating in the world I want to be part of.  Pick a few places to intentionally hang around and if necessary suck it up by taking the 30 seconds to register for comments. 

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.