What You Need To Know About The Fan Cycle

by Jesse Giglio in

 The Fan Cycle = Participation. Evangelism. Ownership.

I've admired the work of Brains on Fire for sometime now and thought I'd pass on some of their genius. Whether you're an author, non-profit, faith-based, social-capitalist or wanna-be-entrepreneur, this stuff is the real deal.


We create fans rather than customers. Why? Because fans embody loyalty. A fan has a vested interest. They defend passionately. A true fan loves a team, a brand or a band whether they win or lose. Fans don't just join a movement. They help grow it. Fans have a sense of ownership and shared identity, because your success is their success. And it's a two-way street. The question isn't "what can we sell this person?" It's "what can we do to keep this person and make them even happier?"


Our process isn't about creating a presentation. Or creative for the sake of being creative. It's about building a movement. And that starts with the first conversation. We get to know the people who will build your movement, inside and out, through face-to-face, heart-to-heart dialogues. And as much as we'd like to believe it, there is no secret sauce. Just roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty, hard work.

We are committed to getting to know what people care about. That is our simple, clear objective. Out of that conversation comes authentic co-created ideas for Evangelism and Ownership.


Before people can evangelize for you, they have to identify with your cause. So we help create and articulate that identity. A place of belonging that’s bigger than themselves. A shared sense of purpose that lifts people up and celebrates and validates their beliefs.

And believe us, it’s not about influence, because influencers can be made. But passion can’t. And it’s not about evangelizing your brand. It’s about your brand being the jumping off point that allows people to evangelize what’s important in their lives. Then we give them the tools that elevate and amplify - all of which leads to ownership.


Ownership is about empowerment. We’ve heard what’s important, we’ve lifted it up and shaped it. And instead of throwing it out there to the world, now it’s time to give it back. Because no one can grow the love for something like those who love it most. Yes, there are online tools. But it’s been proven that 93% of word of mouth happens offline. Online and offline have to work hand-in-hand to guarantee success.

Giving back also creates buy-in. And with that buy-in comes a genuine desire to help your organization define and refine the brand experiences you provide. The people’s voices are heard – good and bad. And the Fan Cycle starts… but never ends. The movement has begun. And you are a part of it.