The Lost Art of Everyday Living.

by Jesse Giglio in ,

The default mode for many of our days is to simply get through them.  And sometimes that's just what it takes.  But I think we should never give up on making our "everydays" better days, as if we're living stories where the pages count.  Here are a few thoughts following after the "How I Sometimes Make Time" post.

1.  Hello Sunshine.  Consider how you welcome the day, what tone or pace does it set?  Are you grateful or dreadful?  If you wish you had 5 minutes to yourself to read, hula-hoop, pray or just be still...take that 5 minutes.  You'll be glad you did.  Also, if you have a sleeping buddy be sure to make him or her aware of your new motivation toward greater awakenings.

2.  I Was Thinking About You.  Take a minute to consider the people you'll be spending time with today and make some mental notes toward conversation.  From your 3-year old over waffles to the co-worker at lunch, we can all benefit from a little think before we speak.  This also helps avoid awkward silences.

3.  Common Meal.  Sharing a table once a day with friends or family is a great way to stay connected.  Be purposeful with the atmosphere and conversation and resist the urge to just drive through your mealtime out of obligation.  The dishes, believe it or not, can wait.

4.  Cue a Cause.  Pick a day each week to make an event.  Maybe it's around international food or a boardgame and then intentionalize that activity.  Taco Tuesday sounds more fun than "We're having tacos."  "Family Game Night" warranting more anticipation than, "Should we play Candyland?"

5.  Tea and Crumpets.  Create a deep breath satisfaction moment.  Whether it's hot tea at noon, latte at four or a beer after work, the important thing is that you allow there to be a moment of rest and enjoyment.  I like Earl Grey and a Walkers short round with a cup and sacuer. 

6.  The Wrap.  Bedtime should be something we look forward to not a daily reminder that we didn't get everything done.  I light a candle and read every night, it's built in, like brushing my teeth, maybe even more so : )   I also give thanks for the good in my life and resist dwelling on the problems of the past and future. 

Anyway...just some stuff to think about because if we don't break life down into moments we risk never having any.