The best show on television.

by Jesse Giglio in

Is maybe not even a show at all but it's undeniable that it's on TV.  Sure I enjoy the dualistic time jumping confusion continuum known as Lost (and when that fails to intrigue I hear there's always Kate) or the heart tugging relational realities of Parenthood (because I'm parenthood and I get it) but this Kindle commercial I love.

I watch it all the time.  It makes me smile.  And interested.

Story is imagination, creativity.  It's endearing enduring conflict resolution.  (sentence?)  And what I love about the message of this commercial is not that it's about telling a story, But rather telling Stories.  About limitless possibilities.  Change and transfer. 

Sometimes we trap ourselves in one story.  One character, plot, conflict, climax, etc...And maybe it feels like War and Peace.  Like we're never going to get through, that we're stuck in an abyss of...abyssness.  Well, it could just be my ADD soul but I want more than that, and if one story's running long I start another.  I want to begin and resolve books not book.  To jump in and out of characters and take part in as much as possible.  To contribute to the stories of others. 

Some will be good and others won't.  That's ok.  Classic tales mixed with throwaways.  But as with most of our facing decisions, there's only one way to find out.

You may be inclined to ask, "Couldn't you just end up with a bunch of half lived books laying around your room?"  Absolutely.  But I'll also finish a few.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Amazon Kindle Commerical Song: Stole My Heart by Little & Ashley