Start an Underground Railroad...or Something.

by Jesse Giglio in

There's this scene in the film Amazing Grace where hero/abolitionist William Wilberforce finds himself wavering at a crossroads. Should he continue down the road of politics or enter onto the path of his new found religious calling?

His best friend, and soon-to-be-youngest Prime Minister ever, William “Billy” Pitt, outraged at such a consideration sternly asks, “Do you plan to use your voice to worship God, or to change the world?" Mutually exclusive practices...

So Pitt calls together a group of abolitionists to convince William to stay in politics and use his persuasive place in the House to do the impossible by ending the slave trade. Their call to action is gentler than Pitt’s, “We understand that you are having trouble choosing between doing the work of God and the work of the Activist. We humbly suggest you do both.”

The story of William Wilberforce ended in triumph but unfortunately today we find the need for abolitionists as relevant as ever.  Here's a snap shot from


Admittedly this issue feels overwhelming and impossible.  And so we find ourselves paralyzed by enormity and excusing ourselves from action while sadly the injustice continues and beautiful human beings continue to live without a life of their own.

I believe everyone can help, some can help more.  Find a way.  Use the Google.  The underground railroad wasn't started by special ops units but by people driven to care.  To change.  Compassionaries.

Work of God or work of an activist?  Both.  The upside in working with God is that he knows a little something about the impossible...

Where's your community on this subject?  In the fight?  Unaware?  Intimidated?

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