Situational Sensitivity. What? Nevermind.

by Jesse Giglio in

(Correct video for yesterday's rather embarrassing post error. Sorry.

Have you ever been telling a story whether of drama or comedy, of Africa or neighbor.  Pet or kid.  And there's an interruption.  A doorbell, side-story, text message, Woot! check, food order...any momentary distraction.  And now you find yourself ready to continue your tale while the listener seems content to move on? 

Almost as if they were never really listening at all? 

Perhaps you've been the perpetrator in said situation, but then again you wouldn't know... We live in a world lacking situational sensitivity, meaning our attention to present environments has become impaired.  Fine if it's the color of a room, not fine if it's a human being.  Try these three tips to avoid drifting away.

Focus - Center yourself on the conversation at hand.  Often the more we give the more we get.

Patience - Some stories take a while to develop and may be boring.  But if the teller feels it's worth sharing give it time to take shape, don't check out early and not say anything.

Contact - Bring the story to yourself by asking a question or relating it to something you've experienced.  However, do not interrupt and then proceed to tell your own story!


Good luck to the new situationally sensitive you!