Scott Belsky Goes i2i at Ideation

by Jesse Giglio in

Scott Belsky (Behance/99%) not only presented us with a Make It Happen talk but a Make It Happen conversation.  Here are the notes in tweets from the i2i Ideation Conference experience.  Thanks Scott.

We fall in love with ideas, unfortunately we're not monogamous.

Creatives gravitate toward the new. This is a double-edged sword that can lead to a lot of unfinished stories.

The inspiration to action over a period time is difficult. Surround yourself with progress.

Seek work at the intersection of interests, skills and opportunities.

Be about mission, not medium. Mission centric, medium agnostic.

Sharing idea ownership is buying engagement. You want engagement.

Pacing ourselves with leaders is often the impetus for action.

Dont become burdened by consensus.

Nothing extraordinary ever happens through ordinary means.

When you're passionate about something you see more problems with it. This passion can breed great creativity.

We must overcome our lack of honest, actionable feedback exchange.

Creativity x Organization=Impact

Organize with a bias towards action.

Measure the value of meetings with the action steps born out of it.

Design is a competitive advantage in the non-profit world, we should invest in it.

Have a culture of capturing action steps. This breeds accountability and productivity.

If you don't work to optimize what's already working you'll never enter the league of the extraordinary.

Competition impels action. Pace progress against others.

Overcome the stigma of self-marketing by curating what you're really interested in.

Listen first.

Develop others through appreciations.

Think about your organization by its mission not its medium.

The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates & a monthly salary. - Fred Wilson

Creativity needs to move from opportunity to responsibility.

Take incremental steps to what's genuinely more interesting to you.

You must get good at cutting off healthy branches.

Your priorities are where you spend your time. Your calendar doesn't lie.

Ideas are born and killed in isolation. We're born to work with others.

The value of fighting needs to be reiterated many times before it becomes a value.

Passion is not business, it's who you are.  It can't be turned off, just managed.