Projected at The ORIGINS Event.

by Jesse Giglio in

I walked away from the Origins Event thinking, "It's good to see my friends."  But since that doesn't help you much, here are a few sounds I heard that I'm pretty sure were projected : )

Erwin McManus [@erwinmcmanus] - Intrinsically people are in a search for meaning in the human narrative.  A search that welcomes conversation.

Dave Gibbons [@davegibbons] - The church needs nameless assassins for good, not bringing church numbers up but the number of the hurting down.  Zero is the new metric.  Zero orphans, zero unfamilied foster kids, zero uncared for single moms...

Dan Kimball [@dankimball] - If we don't make disciples we won't be able to sustain social good.  We can start by loving people to the point they invite us into their lives.

Rick McKinley [@mckinleyrick] - Our safe acts of charity are petty.  Jesus didn't die on the cross to make us safe people, but dangerous people who bring change to the world.

Margaret Feinberg [@mafeinberg] - Going big for God may result in giving somebody else the best day of their life.  You have no idea what you're capable of.

Debra Hirsch [@debrahirsch] - Discipleship must go beyond an individuals morality.  Recognize the image of God in others and bring it out.

It was a pleasue taking part and I look forward to the procession of this tribe.  Thanks to all who made it possible.  Cheers.