Notes From The Ideation Conference 2011

by Jesse Giglio in

There is freedom in the evacuation of excess.

Our default mode is observation.  We must assert ourselves to induce justice.

Causes are about the one you’re fighting for, not the cause itself.

Sustainability requires focus.

If you're afraid to fail then you already are.

You can speak up for change before you
know how to.

Storytelling precedes fundraising.

Change is not for the timid.

You don't have to be finished to be ready.

Look for standing good. Participate
before you create.

Notice your context.  Situational awareness is
vital to change.

Be a solution to the problem, not a service of it.

Business is the remedy to poverty.

Speaking of the plight of the world is not the same as doing something about it.

Idea big.  Share ideas.

It's simple but not easy.  Seek help.

~ Ideation Conference Long Beach 2011 ~