Life: There's No More Room And You Can't Buy More.

by Jesse Giglio in

Recently I ran my Macbook into 0 space.  Years of unnecessarily large photographs now had me spending some quality time with our favorite beachball.

A little voice offered, "'s full, throw it way and buy a new one." 

Another added something but I wasn't listening as I was caught up in the first proposal. 

And of course a third said something about an external hard drive.  So predictable.

A quick trip and a bit of scratch later, I've got 1.5 free TBs on my network and a pulsing green light in my closet.  Problem amended.  Life will go on.  More can be added.

We can't do that.  You and I can't expand our space.  We have what we have, what we've been given is all we'll ever get.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year.  That's our capacity.

To read more, learn more, create more or even love more, something will often have to be dropped.

We can't keep every file and continue growing. 

Many of us live dangerously close to full.  Disappearing margins.  When new opportunities are presented or curiosities entice we have conflict. 

Identify your priorities and create an action step to move closer to it. 

It will cost you something.  It always does. 

But if you know it's worth it, it will be.