LeBron James: Words to live by.

by Jesse Giglio in

Couldn't resist some of these LeBron quotes from "The Decision."  Enjoy.

"One thing I didn't want to do was make an emotional decision. I wanted to do what was best for LeBron James and make him happy..."

"At the end of the day all our minds are winning an NBA championship."

"It's a very small number and I could probably count it on my fingers."

"The last time I changed my mind was probably in my dreams, and when I woke up this morning I knew it was the right decision."

"One thing you can't control is you never know."

"It was a tough decision because I know how loyal I am."

"Put the shoe on the other foot. If the Cavs would have got rid of me at one point, would my family burn down the organization? Of course not."