Jesus Innovates.

by Jesse Giglio in

Consider some of these methods the next time you and your team try to reach "the lost" with a Christmas Musical...

Jesus taught in places that had never been taught. Iʻm talking boats, hillsides and government chambers.

Jesus healed those whoʻd never been healed. He wasnʻt just out on visitations delivering daily devotions.

Touched people who'd never been touched.

Jesus ate with people with whom he should have never eaten. There was no one off limits. Itʻs no news that Christians love lunches, so here's a thought...
Love lunches with someone who doesnʻt know Jesus yet. Or who maybe doesnʻt have a lunch to begin with.

Jesus worked on days that had never been worked. Application here? Maybe doing missions outside of your church's annual trip? Maybe picking up the tab on the vanilla latte for the guy in front of you. Maybe calling a local service agency and simply asking how you can help.

He did things differently not to simply be different but to simply make a difference.