How To Choose Your Friends.

by Jesse Giglio in


This afternoon I helped a friend pack his house into a big box.  He's selling it (the house) and taking his family on an adventure to see and feel life together.  Watching the boxes being shaped into storage I heard a whisper say that I was observing life being put away.  That's it.  That's your life, all cubed up in a big shed.  But it's not, stuff is not life.  My friend understands this well.  Better than most.

I've been reflecting on how many of my friends are living a life in pursuit of a dream.  Not the American dream, something deeper.  Maybe a pursuit of destiny or purpose or God and sometimes this pursuit is a chase but it's always living.  Friends whose lives aren't finished but are penning page turners.

So whether we share time here or in the socialmediasphere, you're down the road or in the middle of Arkansas...

May you love like you breath, hurt because you care, stand brave in the face of mystery and live everyday of your life.

Your life story means the world to me.