How I Sometimes Make Time

by Jesse Giglio in

For those living with undone goals, here's how I sometimes make time for a few.
1.  Choose some specific goals.  At one point I decided I needed to read and write more.  Now I do and I know when I'm not.  Easily definable.
2.  Analyze your life.  Observe in detail the way you spend your day.  Gather minutes, anything that takes up time, takes up life so look everywhere, including sleep.

3.  Put it in buckets.  Locate areas you're able to spend less time in order to create more.  There will be a cost.  If you're doing it now, chances are it adds some value to your life.  Think in terms of buckets-A, B & C.  Items in 'A'-maintain at all costs.  'B'-high value.  'C'-can live without.  If you're not able to cut anything than your new goals are valued below your present ones and you can stop reading : )

4.  Execute.  Our time doesn't split easily and thus runs by the constant decisions we make for it. Two items I found in my 'C' bucket were television and Words with Friends.  Both are social and enjoyable but also healthy spenders.  So for instance I took my television commitment down to 2-3 shows - Lost, Chuck and Parenthood.  Do I ever watch anything else?  Sure, but only if I can afford to.  Words I just deleted for the time being.

5.  Maintenance.  The way we spend our lives needs frequent check-ups and evaluation.  The more often you assess and adjust the easier it is to stay on course.  I deleted Words with Friends but got addicted to Angry Birds so I need an adjustment.

These are simply entry points that I hope can be helpful, good luck and thanks for spending some of your time here.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney