How Buca Di Beppo Does Mission, Vision and Values

by Jesse Giglio in

Figuring out how to write a mission, vision and values statement for a church, non-profit or business is no small task but there's also no shortage of help from those who have succesfully gone before.

I was recently called upon to lead a team in scripting the values statement for our church and found this gem of an example on the kitchen walls of the restaurant known as Buca di Beppo. Enjoy and note that;

1) The Vision is Clear

2) The Mission is Measurable

3) The Values are Fuel



To be the first choice for celebratory dining.



To provide every Guest with an Over The Top celebratory experience by delivering Vibrant Italian Food in an Eclectic, Vintage Setting.  Our Family Members will host the party through their passionate and genuine hospitality!

OVER THE TOP HOSPITALITY is a remarkable experience that leaves the guest enamored with our food, our family members and our brand. This is illustrated by our:

  • ·        “Whatever It Takes” Service
  • ·        Ability To “Host The Party”
  • ·        “Yes Is Best” Attitude

VIBRANT ITALIAN FOOD is our commitment to prepare every plate with pride and passion. This is illustrated by our:

  • ·        Fresh, powerfully-flavored ingredients
  • ·        Intense focus on perfectly executing each dish
  • ·        Prepared to order, generous, over-sized portions

ECLECTIC, VINTAGE SETTING is our commitment to provide a unique, comfortable and immaculate atmosphere that allows Guests to be immersed in our distinctive Buca ambiance. This is illustrated by our:

  • ·        Quirky, kitschy décor, reminiscent of 1950’s Little Italy
  • ·        Reverence for the Italian culture
  • ·        Expertise in entertaining parties of all sizes

Our success is measured by our Guests’ desire to return



We will consider the GUEST first in every decision we make.

We will support the development of our FAMILY MEMBERS through an environment based on Fun, Respect, Trust and Teamwork.

 We will foster a PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN culture based on Integrity, Accountability, Balance and Continuous Improvement