God rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing.

by Jesse Giglio in

Acts 26:12 Paul meets Jesus.

When missionary superman Paul met Jesus he wasnʻt a college student in transition.  He wasnʻt seeking a new way to be human nor was he looking to return to some form of previously lived faith.  Life was good.  He made it.  Even to the point of receiving the authority and commissioning of the chief priests. Paul was schooled, established and successful.  And he wasnʻt looking for next steps or a different story. So when Jesus dropped in on Paul on the road to Damascus it wasnʻt an answer to some prayer. At least not one of Paulʻs. 

Jesus was in fact a major inconvenience to the life Paul had been living quite comfortably. 

Godʻs always up for taking us on new journey.  No matter when, where or who you are.  Sometimes he interrupts us, sometimes not.  I hope for Paul interruptions in my life everyday.  But also that if Jesus doesnʻt come after me, that Iʻll have the courage to go after him.