Fostering Hope: Royal Family Kids Camp Infographic

by Jesse Giglio in

Some of the work that's meant the most to me over the years is the time I've spent with kids in the foster care system. A domestic version of invisible children, abused and exploited in unspeakable ways. Royal Family Kids and Teen Reach Adventure Camps are two organizations on the front end of attacking this social injustice. Armed with love, hope and selfless volunteerism they create a haven of fun within a summer camp experience. Purposed to instill worth, value and smiles while teaching kids the basic skills they may never have been taught, such as tying a shoe, riding a bike, learning to swim or what to do at a restaurant. These camp experiences then catalyze ongoing works in the community through clubs and mentoring.

Foster Care isn't, and may never be, as sexy as many of the global causes we're engaging today but it's equally as worthy of your attention. Consider where you may find a place to help whether sponsoring, mentoring or giving up a week or a weekend to volunteer at a camp. You won't regret it and just may find out it's the very thing your meant to be doing...