Everything That Can Be Shared Will Be Shared

by Jesse Giglio in


Today we share in more ways than ever before.

Information about our friends, locations, activities, likes...

And we're doing better at sharing in real life too;

  • Car Sharing
  • Ride Sharing
  • Bike Sharing
  • Space Sharing
  • Garden Sharing
  • Clothing Swaps
  • Co-Working Offices
  • Trade Networks

In many ways sharing is the new economy.

And a solution to the lack of ___ in the world.

For the want in the world is not for lack of resource but for lack of sharing.

Sharing is central to a thriving neighborhood, village or community and by consequence planet.

In a Wired Magazine senior maverick Kevin Kelly remark;

"Part of the adventure now is to imagine things that are not being shared now and how they can be shared."

How then can we share? How better? How closer? How creatively?