Everyone has a story. What's yours?

by Jesse Giglio in

I love SMITH Magazine's six word memoir projects and am an avid participant.  They're tasty exercises in current thought, in present memoir.  The idea is to tell your story using only six words.  A simple six word narrative to consider the drama, comedy or purpose of your now.  All in a way that as Vanity Fair puts it, "Will thrill minimalists and inspire maximalists." 

On July 24th in downtown LA there will be a convergence conference of faith based creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs.  The gathering will be at the Nokia Theatre and is called Origins.  We'd love to have you, no experience necessary.

Anyway, I've asked a few of the speakers to drop me their six words of the day;

Margaret Feinberg:  Vibrant. Wonderment. Authentic. Practical. Gentle. Beheld.

Alan Hirsch:  Living in LA, loving God's acts!

Tara Russell:  Equipping, empowering refugees. Growing a lot.

Cue-Jean:  Cue a Hip Hop Creative Activist!

Tim Morey:  Disciple, husband, father, church planter, writer.

Dawn Carter:  Former church lady turns freedom fighter.

Mark Russell:  On a missional and entrepreneurial journey.

David Arcos:  Original movement led through chaos, questions.

April Diaz:  Curious. Expressive. Adoptive mommy to be.

Amena Brown:  Creativity. Music. Words. Laughter. Hope. Truth.

What's Yours? 

Hope to see you at Origins!