Catalyst West : Notes from the Twitterverse Day 1 #CatWest

by Jesse Giglio in ,


"Spiritual growth is hand-crafted, not mass produced."  - @JohnOrtberg

"God has entrusted your story to you for a reason. To tell it." - @SusanIsaacs

"My brain is fried." - @LVHanson

"It is easy to feed the poor; it's not easy to confront someone about where they stand with Jesus." - @DanKimball

"The gospel will offend some; but this should be because of its nature, not because of how we share it." - @EricMason

"Transparency boosts the affects of the process to making ideas happen." - @ScottBelsky

"Leaders should talk last, even if they have the answer so others learn through the process." - @ScottBelsky

"Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means." - @ScottBelsky

"The church should be a preview of eternity." - @DarrenWhitehead

"You can't pursue ideas in isolation." - @ScottBelsky

"Get out of your comfort zone and become a friend of flexibility & rejection." - Justin Mayo

“My greatest disappointments in life come from when I ask anything else but Christ to be my savior.” - @ProdigalJohn

"Creativity x organization=impact." - @ScottBelsky

"As the church, everything we do in culture either adds to the peace of culture or detracts from it." - @JimBelcher

"I feel like I need to go shop at Urban Outfitters to better fit in here at CatWest." - @ScottHiga

"I think postmodernism is dead." - @JimBelcher

"The best thing you can do to get the word out about your platform is to do something remarkable." - @MichaelHyatt

"Some of us don't care enough about people to share the whole gospel-or what Jesus did for us." - @DanKimball

"If we care about compassion we have to be able to articulate the Gospel message." - @DanKimball

"Rich or poor - people need to be inspired by beauty." - @JimBelcher

"Listening to your community is the most active role the church can start doing in a community." - @EugeneCho

"The church, like our culture has embraced celebrity over influence." - @EugeneCho

"One of the greatest gifts someone can give you, is permission to speak into their life." - @MichaelHyatt

"Without vision, technology is useless." - @MichaelHyatt

"True dependence on God is an essential gateway to authentic influence." - @JeanneMStevens

"If we love Jesus-we must love the Church despite our messiness." - @DanKimball

"The most important thing is WHAT you have to say, not the technology you use to employ it." - @MichaelHyatt

"Good leaders influence those who are already listening. Great leaders influence the world." - @MichaelHyatt

“True dependence on Jesus is the essential gateway to authentic influence.” - @JeanneMStevens

"Shepherds don't make sheep. Sheep make sheep." - @DanKimball

"Don't be a Christian leading others to exchange the mission of God for religion." - @DanKimball

"Good writers get rejected because they don't have a platform." - @MichaelHyatt

"We should care about culture." - @JimBelcher

"Generosity is a means not only to rescue people in need but to rescue ourselves from greed." - @EugeneCho

"If you don't have any conflict in your life you are not living a big enough life!" - @SusanIsaacs