After All You're My Wonderwall...

by Jesse Giglio in

My 4 year old Cash going hands on with the Macbook Air display while on a field trip to the Apple Store.I love how kids wonder...often and with exploration.  Adults wonder rarely and briefly, plagued rather by apathy to the universe while drenched in the minutia of pocket sized super computers.

But the human creative needs to wonder, because wonder explores possibility.  Without wonder we silence new ideas and final frontiers.  We miss the beauty of amazement.

As my son wondered through the genius called Apple I thought that maybe we all need to find spaces to wonder.  Places and times to allow the mind out to run, to consider, to explore.  To sit at the base of a skyscraper and look upward into the vast cascade of falling glass and marvel or find a quiet rooftop in the dark of night and stare out across the infinite starscape and lose yourself.

To ask questions about love and particles and God and not answer but rather enjoy   their limitless depth. 

To be infinite and finite, mortal and eternal...