A is for Atrophy (or something like bananas).

by Jesse Giglio in

Atrophy is the state of wasting away due to lack of use. Deterioration, fail. In the body it's about organs and muscles. A system failure causing activity to slow and eventually halt.

Bananas are like this. I don't really like bananas to begin with, feel like they try to clog up my esophagus. Mushy little assassins. But if I did...Iʻd like them to be white and firm. If they sit around too long they get brown and slimy, and attract those little flies. Ultimately they fail at making their contribution to the daily serving.

Our lives likewise must be active or they break-down. Our sacred purposes deteriorate. We care but don't create.  Take in but fail to express out. 

There's a way by the person of Jesus that embodies an expression of the most royal kind, that of love. Jesus spoke and gave and related and touched and healed.

Jesus was the change he wanted to see in his world. 

Faith was never just about getting by.