5 ways to win people over.

by Jesse Giglio in


I thought Iʻd present a few general techniques for use when socializing with friends and family.  For brevityʻs sake weʻll keep it at 5.

1. Look and laugh...often...at your iPhone.  Whether a funny status update, random tweet or even nothing at all, make certain those around you know there is something much better happening somewhere else.

2. The best psychiatrist is you.  Offer lots of advice.  Even if itʻs not outwardly asked for itʻs most definitely implied.  If I tell you Iʻm taking a trip to San Diego this weekend to visit my brother, you tell me that where I really should go is San Francisco.

3. Better is better.  Your life experiences are better.  If weʻre sharing a meal and I mention "The fish is really good.", you say, "Oh, you should try the fish in Japan, itʻs way better."

4. Louder is better.  If youʻre with a group and a good story begins to be told by someone else and you know the story, enthusiastically interrupt with a smiling "No!" and then proceed to tell the same story louder and with more animation.

5. Your friends are better.  Talk often about people nobody else knows and how interesting their lives are thus improving your own life by proxy. 

Well, good luck out there and remember never underestimate the power of making stuff up.