5 Ways to Fail at Redesigning Your Life

by Jesse Giglio in

1. Refuse to change certain parts of your life.  Everything needs to be on the table from profession to location.  Simply adding in one new aspiration will rarely yield any radical difference.

2. Redesign outside of your execution space.  Look to stay within your ability to execute and optimize opportunities creatively rather than jumping streams to an area you have zero experience.

3. Try to please everybody.  Your call is personal and divine.  So is your design.  If you're redesigning your life in a way that receives the approval of everyone you're likely not doing a very good job at it.

4. Insist on living like someone else.  There's much to learn from others ahead of us and they can provide a target but don't be so narrow minded that you miss your personalized path. 

5. Compartmentalize your redesign into isolated tasks.  It's tempting to look at your life as a menu of isolated actions and start systematically working through redesign like a page of math problems...but you're not a page, you're a person.  Look at yourself globally and allow your intentions to permeate all areas of your life.

Thanks to @HarvardBiz for leading this thought.