5 Things I Love About Christmas.

by Jesse Giglio in

Family and Starbucks?  Sure.  God in a manger?  Obviously.  But here are 5 more things that help me ring in the season that 'tis.

1.  Love Actually.  I watch this often and without preparations.  I just like it on.  I have it DVR'd so I can jump in whenever the opportunity presents.  Also, the television version is safer for varying audiences.  When Juliet sees the film Mark shot...love.

2.  Holidays On Ice.  Sedaris is as irreverent as my adult bachelor brother and just as funny.  Holidays tend to revolve around people and people are not serious.

3.  Main Street USA.  Epic fireworks, resounding classics and Christmas colors culminate in snow flakes over White Christmas.  I hoist one of my kids on the shoulders, push through the Mercedes strollers and designer peacoats and carve out my own little moment of Holiday Magic.  All while standing in a crowd of ten thousand of my closest fiends.

4.  Scarves.  Even with a T-shirt.  And especially with a T-shirt.

5.  Shopping.  I'm all for curbing your consumerism but I do love buying a good gift for someone.  And also myself.  Because I moved and Santa might not know. 

Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!