31 Tweet Sized Thoughts and Quotes From The Ideation Conference

by Jesse Giglio in

Creativity needs space.

You dont have to be an expert to have a good idea.

Innovators need to have a humble heart for change.

Good ideas need even better advocates.

Humans should never have to adapt to living without love.

Dreams take shape between 10p-2p. Awake.

Scott Harrison is dreaming big.

Food aid creates famine & destroys local markets.

It takes vision to see in the dark.

Story must be lived to be told.

We are about people not causes.

Movements cannot be manufactured through marketing.-Ben Keesey

Our story is opportunity, possibility & hope. And we want people to be cheering at the end of it.-Scott Harrison

Was there a fashion show to go with the catwalk @theideation conference? Maybe...

Ideas were pouring out in conversation in a room full of sound & heroes....

The Ideation is just beginning...

World changers can often come in hilariously irreverent packages.

The Underground Railroad wasnt started by secret ninjas but everyday activists.-Hannah Song

A narrow focus will hold you accountable to success.-Ben Keesey
Greg Russinger is living life interrupted.  And has been for a while.

We must develop projects that yield ownership & sustainability.-Keith Kall

If you don't like the guy who's flying the plane, get your own plane.-Scott Harrison

Though I never saw Eric Bryant he somehow was able to post a blog in real time.

It's not easy.

Sustainability is a cool word but it means creating a work that will be able to endure after you walk away.  That's hard.

Situational awareness.  Try it.

Test of value is what you're willing to pay.

It starts with an idea & a conversation but is realized through risk, sacrifice & endurance.

Graphics and websites don't love anyone.

Charles Lee may be the smartest man alive.