Field Notes: Andy Stanley, Catalyst West Coast

by Jesse Giglio

The annual gathering of young(ish) leaders known as Catalyst popped up last weekend in Irvine with it's usual comic-con flare and punchy, life-changing content. Here are a few session one highlights;

Andy Stanley delivered a flurry of church challenging axioms before making it personal.

"There's an inexorable correlation between leadership and change."   

"God uses broken-hearted leaders."                              

"Blame is an effective change-avoidance strategy."

This all led to the question, Who are you? He wasn't being rhetorical. Who are you? Who are you designed to be? And if you're not being that...

"You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to embrace the burden God has put in your heart."

To help with the question Andy posed this scenario, At the end of your life, who lines up to thank you and why?

What extraordinary story hangs in the balance of what you do or don't do?

And what do you blame for your life not being all that it's meant to be?

Definitely got me thinking.

Our stories should matter to others, if they don't it's because we're living them wrong.