We Don't Remain Neutral

by Jesse Giglio

I found Banksy's recent work in the Gaza Strip profound but the platforms it's being curated on distracting and dichotomous. So here it is, ad free.

If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful - we don’t remain neutral.
— Banksy
banksy gaza quote neutral powerless
A local man came up and said, ‘Please – what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the Internet people only look at pictures of kittens.
banksy gaza kitten
Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.
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Make this the year you discover a new destination.

A 2 min. video of the Banksy in Gaza Strip experience.