3 Points of Prayer from (my) Habakkuk (sermon)

by Jesse Giglio

What's a Habakkuk you might ask? Habakkuk was a prophet of God. Only he sort of didn't speak for God, he spoke for people. So he's sort of a prophet but also a harbinger of question.

In this Old Testament book Habakkuk asks a very philosophical question of God, "What the ____?!

But it was a question in the form of a prayer so it's ok. In fact the entire book is one big dialog with God.

Habakkuk's freaked out by all the injustice in the world happening amidst a supposed just God.

God says I'm handling it. Babylon's going to crush you. 

Habakkuk says I'm not sure I'd handle it that way. But I guess you're smarter than me so ok.

God says yep I am.

Habakkuk says you're awesome.

Here was our prayer takeaway; Be Human, Be Humble, Be Honoring

And some of the catch phrases;

Prayer is for everyone. If you can speak you can pray.

Anything that takes the simplicity out of prayer should be taken away.

Sometimes there's a divide between what we see and what we believe.

Is it God who’s not working or us not seeing the work properly?

It’s Ok to not be Ok with certain circumstances but you don’t want to stay that way.

Prayer is sometimes not about changing reality but how we see reality.

Some prayers aren’t answered because God himself is a greater answer than the thing we asked for.

If you want to see a situation differently: Stand not in awe of your circumstances, but in awe of your God.

When we meditate on God stories, we'll see God stories. #reticularactivator 

I believe in the sun even when it isn’t shining. I believe in love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when he is silent.

Here's a link to the slides.