The Best Moments Of Your Life

by Jesse Giglio

It's that time of year where social media feeds are peppered with slideshows of their users best moments. Or at least the moments others liked the most. Here's mine;

It begins with the last sunset of 2013 and proceeds to fill in with other moments captured at days end. And one random sailboat I can hardly remember. I think maybe my dad was on it.

It's a fun enough exercise looking back into 2014 through our image libraries. And it's telling. Moments that matter stand out. Even one sunset to the next.

Days with the family, smoky campfires, vacant beaches, new places. Smiles. A special part of our family.

These are that which I find and feel relieved that my year meant something.

Noticeably absent are images of stuff. Even stuff that seemed really important to have.

Stuff should never be our best moments.

Stuff can actually steal moments. Restrict us from experience.

This year may you live purposely, take moments seriously and create space for the best moments of your life.