New Year's Revolutions

by Jesse Giglio

A resolution to some degree is the act or process of resolving a problem or issue.  According to Webster "the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones."  Resolution also has to do with the clarity of an image or as in the case of my 1991 ViewSonic monitor, the lack thereof. 

So generally around New Year's we take a snapshot of our lives, identify portions that lack focus and come up with a simple approach to often complicated problems.  If I do x I'll get y.  Sometimes this equation works but generally lacks sustainable success.  (I still can't really play the guitar nor do I have those coveted 7 minute abs I see on the commercials).

So today I'm looking less at making a resolution and more about starting a revolution, about overthrowing my life in general.  Resisting that urge that says "everything's basically fine I just need to work on a few things". 

The challenge in this thinking is that revolutions require revolutionaries, leaders leading almost recklessly and with a hint of psychoticness but with passion always. 

I have a few ideas to hash out but I know it'll start with my family.  A new revolution of love for my wife and kids.  Because love is always the best place to start. 

And we always should be fighting for more of it.