Motels are for Creepies.

by Jesse Giglio in

You know those motels that give you the creeps when you drive by?  The ones with thick paint, orange neon and dirty secrets?  One story, low numbers, empty stalls.  I hung out in one of those places today.  In one of its rooms.  There was a family there that Iʻve been working with.  A family of four on two beds, in one room with many piles. 

The TV was on, shouting something about cars.  A 9-year old boy shot at it with toy guns.  A 7-year lay on a bed, his face down.  Motionless.  He has a respiratory disorder.  Living in a $40 per night dungeon doesnʻt help.  Parking lot, number 14, busy street, pawn shop, other motel, shopping cart, scary lady, liquor store, noise...

Creepy motels arenʻt for kids, theyʻre for creepies.

Hoping to get them out soon.