The Third Wave

by Jesse Giglio in

Tonight Iʻll be attending the Hollywood premier of the Sean Penn presents tsunami documentary "The Third Wave".  I had the opportunity to screen this film a few months ago, it carries a message. 

In the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami that ravaged Sri Lanka emerges a story of a few people helping many.  Motivated not by religion nor a non-profit but by the call of compassion upon the heart of humanity.  An endeavour riddled with uncertainty and void of method but kissed by love.  

Too often our over analysis leads to action paralysis.  Variables become reasons for not. 

And yet people help people, not governments, orgs or religious institutions.  People. 

People who see the hurt and become aid.  Become love to the other.

Some things just arenʻt meant to be outsourced.  Heal the world.  No experience necessary.