My Life Is My Message.

by Jesse Giglio

Convincing words drenched in conviction.  (As was the personal ethos of one Mahatma Gandhi.) 

Human beings are living, breathing, walking expressions of personal story.  We read one another in covers and back covers, in passing, in glances, in check-outs and subways.  Visually categorizing in splits of seconds. 

Weʻre all communicating all the time.  By posture and smiles and t-shirts.  Nuances and not-so-subtleties all contributing to your message to the world.  Fair or not the universe is comprised of little things and the reality is that little things matter. 

I saw a guy the other day in a Nickelback t-shirt.  He looked like Nickelback.  That was his message.  I got it loud and annoyingly clear.  I would never wear that t-shirt.  It would send a message that I wouldnʻt want transmitted.  Most of us realize that when it comes to apparel.  But we spend less time on choosing our living transmissions.

You're transmitting something right now.  What is it?  What's the message of your life?  Would anyone want to read more?  Would you?