One Way 2 Change.

by Jesse Giglio in ,


Do something less (to do something more).

All of us spend time involved in activities that don't necessarily contribute to our dreams nor towards the betterment of humanity.  Some recreations or relaxations. Others obligations or even (gasp) timekillers.  Pieces of life we canʻt just delete and wouldn't want to.  But what if we picked one of those pieces and did it less to do something else more? 

Media consumption is an easy culprit of keeping us watching and not living.  But what if you cut back?  6hrs a day to 5?  10 to 9.  4 to 3.5.  Those new hours would add up.  Could be your dream or maybe even someone else's. 

Look around your life, take inventory, we do lots of stuff and it isnʻt just watching screens.  Books, gyms, clubs, groups, boards, sports...pretty much everything outside of faith and family is eligible for a trim.

Set a goal, start small.  Every new hour is significant. 

What would you do with new time?