6 Year Old Boy Beaten To Death.

by Jesse Giglio in

These stories hurt me so bad that I often find myself turning away. Itʻs a humanity fail on the highest level. Something I live to combat. But for Daevon Bailey there will be no rescue.

This particular case uncovers a faulty system that allows life to fall through its cracks. Systems fail, no surprise. The question I raise is; where are the people? The other threads of humanity whose lives intersected Daevonʻs? There must have been someone.  Even just one. 

The world hurts and therein lies a reason we are here. God has chosen to express his love through people. First his son and now those who follow him.  On a mission of expression.  Using "someones".  You being someone. I am too. We are not too busy. We canʻt be. If we are, we are a part of the fail.