Great Expectations.

by Jesse Giglio

Last week my in-laws bought Guitar Hero Band for their Wii.  My kids naturally couldn't wait to pull the band kit from the large, loud, graphic laden box and get their rock stardom on.  As I was unpacking and assembling my 5yr old Jet told me that heʻd seen this game before and always wanted it but thought that it was too big and cost too much so he just never said anything.  My heart sank in a flinch of deep sadness and then I looked him in the eye and said, "Jet, nothing is too big and nothing costs too much."  Five years old is too young to be discounting life with dollars and sense.  (Purveyors of "reality", I disagree.)

How many of us have "grown-up" too early and were handed a print out of what we could or couldn't do before we even tried?  God's big and a greater dad then I am; we should expect more.  In fact I think it's even insulting to him the way many of his kids live life, by limitations rather than great expectations. 

I also told Jet that sometimes things can take a while to get.  And that we canʻt always get everything we want but we should always ask.