Once upon a time it made sense.

by Jesse Giglio


Sometimes we approach our faith as if it were a trick question.  That the answer canʻt be as simple as the obvious.  That just loving others canʻt be it.  That people just need to know God loves them and poverty is something we all should do something about.

When I think about my kids it doesnʻt take much for me to smile.  I want them to know I love them no matter what.  I hope theyʻll love me back.  Iʻm really pleased when they share their stuff with each other and when they do so with a visitor.  Or when they put away their bikes because I asked.  I want my kids to dream big and treat each day as new.  I love when they laugh and build castles in the sand.  And say thanks before a meal or after a movie.  I like that they sometimes just want me to hold them.  Because Iʻm bigger and it makes them feel safe.