12 (more) Tweets From Catalyst West #catwest (re:post)

by Jesse Giglio in

Dallas Willard makes Yoda look like an idiot. - @jakelshmael

The saint burns grace like a 747 burns fuel on take-off. - Dallas Willard

Generosity is about rescuing us from the abyss of greed. - @EugeneCho

Just heard a worship band led by a male singer doing a Brittany Spears cover of "Hit me Baby"? Disturbing, lol. -@PastorMark / a.k.a Mark Driscoll

I'm pretty sure Louie Giglio is wearing Chris Tomlin's pants. - @jessejdaniels

MikeFoster: @RickWarren dont tell anyone but I can sneak you in thru the loading dock. I know youve got a lot of big hugs to give out :)

Do not allow the realities of today to overshadow the possibilities of tomorrow. - @AndyStanley

Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means. - @ScottBelsky

People become the character they play in the story they believe. - @donmilleris

There's a dream inside of us, waiting to become our life. - @erwinmcmanus

Getting ready for Catalyst and feel like I need some tighter jeans and a more emo haircut. - @ericwakeling

Please don't say you love Jesus if you are doing nothing for orphans. - Kay Warren

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