10 Ways To Spend $89 Dollars.

by Jesse Giglio in


I recently threw down $89 for my wife to accompany me to the Origins Event at Club Nokia in LA this weekend and it got me thinking...what else could I have done with that hard earned 89...so naturally, I Googled it.

1. Bought a Pilot's Delight Heli Tour around Maui...but first I'd have to get to Maui.

2. Acquired a piece of NASA's multimillion-dollar balloon crash failure...nah.

3. Picked up a month's membership to Chet Rowland's PCO Millionaire System...who's Chet Rowland?

4. Buy a taco for everyone living in Shageluk, Alaska (pop. 113)...do they eat tacos in Alaska?

5. Spend a night at Casa Carmen in San Miguel, Mexico...tempting.

6. I could've bought this guy's guitar...but he got it first and I don't really play guitar anyway.

7. Bought an upscale evening gown from Ali Express...I don't do evening gowns.

8. Buy a 7-Eleven hot dog for everyone living in Zinc, Arkansas (pop. 82)...those things will kill you and Zinc can't afford to lose anybody.

9. Have these guys paint my room...I'll paint the room myself, strangers in the house annoy my cat.

10. Register my wife for the Origins Event and spend the day at a chic venue with a great girl in conversation with new friends and leading faith creatives...which is what I did, it was the best choice.

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