Withholding Information

by Jesse Giglio in

It seems often in this age of disposable information the sharing thereof is actually hurt.  It can be all to easy to assume everybody else already knows, or just doesn't care to.  To hold back for fear that you were the last to know anyway. 

Sometimes a lack sharing information doesn't matter, sometimes it does. But the risk lies heavier on if we don't and it would've helped then if we do and it didn't...

So may we never stop sharing that which we find interesting, valuable or helpful.  May our ideas never feel insecure about being voiced.  And may we never live off the internet alone. 

In the spirit of sharing some stuff that I know isn't breaking news, nor particularly important; here are a couple tips and tricks I use with a few of my most frequented applications.  Who knows, maybe in some small way one of them will be useful to you.

Instagram iPhone App Tips :

Double tap image to "like."

In any comment thread, tap and hold on a username to automatically start a comment with that username already @ mentioned.


Twitter iPhone App Tips :

Swipe over a Tweet in a list to bring up a shortcut menu.

Double tap on the messages icon to mark all of your DMs as "read."

Double tap speech bubble to bring you up to the most current tweet.

Gmail Tips :

Get through your mail faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Enable keyboard shortcuts in Settings and use "j" and "k" to navigate up and down within your inbox, "o" to open messages, "r" to reply, "c" to compose, "s" to add or remove a star, "e" to archive, and more. Hit "?" at any time to see the reference guide with a full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Here's the key;