20 Quotes and Notes From The Ideation Conference

by Jesse Giglio in

As I start-up Ideation 2011 I took a look back at some of my Ideation Conference 2010 notes and quotes...here are some of my favorites in tweet-sized bites. 

1. Creativity needs space.

2. The Underground Railroad wasn't started by secret ninjas but everyday activists.-Hannah Song (LINK)

3. You don't have to be an expert to have a good idea.
4. Good ideas need even better advocates.

5. Test of value is what you're willing to pay.

6. Movements cannot be manufactured through marketing.-Ben Keesey (Invisible Children)

7. Humans should never have to adapt to living without love.

8. Dreams take shape between 10p-2p. Awake.

9. Food aid creates famine & destroys local markets.

10. It takes vision to see in the dark.

11. We are about people not causes.

12. Our story is opportunity, possibility & hope. And we want people to be cheering at the end of  it.-Scott Harrison (Charity:Water)

13. A narrow focus will hold you accountable to success.-Ben Keesey
14. Greg Russinger is living life interrupted.  And has been for a while.

15. We must develop projects that yield ownership & sustainability. -Keith Kall (World Vision)

16. If you don't like the guy who's flying the plane, get your own plane.-Scott Harrison (Charity:Water)

17. Sustainability is a cool word but it means creating a work that will be able to endure after you  walk away.  That's hard.

18. It starts with an idea & a conversation but is realized through risk, sacrifice & endurance.

19. Graphics and web sites don't love anyone.

20. Charles Lee.