Japan Quake Images and Reflections

by Jesse Giglio in

Images of fragility and sorrow leave many of us grasping for a role in this far off tragedy, even if by some small part...and in that I find hope.  Because despite our "trainwreck-infatuated-vulture-culture-tendencies" I believe we genuinely care about one another.  We recognize value in human-kind and that if one part of us suffer, in some way we all do.  That the human narrative is one of connectedness and relation.  That we all understand loss, fear, doubt and sorrow.  And that these emotions lead us to each other and to God.

There is no insignificant role here, we're all a part, we can all pray. 

We can all reflect hope and hope is beautiful, especially in tragedy.

May God grant us his peace in times of brokenness that we may dispense it to those who need it most.


Thanks to Alan Taylor.